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Generals: Open Beta Contest

The second phase of the contest starts on 6 July! It's not too late to get involved.


World of Tanks Generals is now in the Open Beta Test phase and to celebrate we're having an inaugural contest with fantastic in-game prizes up for grabs.

World of Tanks Generals can be played in-browser through the official World of Tanks Generals portal. All you need is a ID and you can sign in and play:


The Open Beta Contest has assembled its forces on the horizon – build your decks and rush to meet the enemy onslaught! Awesome prizes are up for grabs, just check out the rules below and begin your campaigns!

You can enter each of the three categories in this contest simply by playing the game – all results will be pulled from the server so there is no need to send screenshots or anything like that.

  • Each contest has a timeframe.
  • You can enter as many of the categories as you like.
  • Prizes will be given to the top 100 players in each category – you can win multiple times.
  • You enter by simply playing World of Tanks Generals.

For full information, additional rules and for a list of the fantastic prizes up for grabs, check out the full article on the World of Tanks Generals portal.

Please note, any Premium Account, Premium Cards and Premium Currency that can be won in this contest are valid for use in World of Tanks Generals only!

Order of Battle!