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“Garlic Soup” on Battlefields

Unlimited nickname change event “Old Merits Under New Name”, which lasted from 6th to 12th June, attracted thousands of players. The average number of tickets submitted to support service daily reached 1,000.

According to the recent poll most of players expressed a wish to get rid of their nicknames chosen by mistake (17.5%). They used the unique chance to change them for something extraordinary. Thus a lot of curious characters now can be seen on WOT battlefields:  ChilledMonkeyBrains, SasaugeAndPankakes, CesneckaCZ (garlic soup), Pinkie_Floyd, Gasoline and so on.

Epic battles are those in which ChilledMonkeyBrains may killed by Frankenstien, for instance, or where The_Cheshire_Cat is hunting for SasaugeAndPankakes!

However almost 60% of the respondents confirmed that they are eager to stick to the nicknames they used initially to pioneer the combat sites of World of Tanks.

Let everyone enjoy their line of character in WoT, despite its being old or new!