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Gamescom Recap of the Day

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The first day of gamescom is over and what a day it has been!  The trade show officially opened to the public on Thursday and right from the start there was no shortage of action at our Wargaming booth.  As soon as the gates were opened, first hundreds and then thousands of eager players descended upon our presentation area to catch a glimpse at what we had in store.

The day started off with a bang with a World of Tanks inspired dancing show on the main stage that set the mood for what was to come – lots of excitement around our two featured games, both on stage and on the presentation floor.

Once the dust settled, the first visitors immediately grabbed their seats in one of our two gaming areas.  Those who were not playing turned their attention towards the main stage where we opened with a World of Tanks Live Demo.  German Community Manager “Obirian” was on the stage commentating, whilst backstage the forum’s “PanzerGert” was driving his tank into battle.  We had three live demonstrations of the game over the course of the day, and each new presentation drew a bigger crowd.  Meanwhile PanzerGert got himself more and more into trouble.  Luckily, with the friendly advice of Obirian, both PanzerGert and his tank survived the day’s missions unscathed.

Later that day Bump, the European eSports manager for Wargaming, took to the stage to answer players’ questions about competitive play in World of Tanks.  Check out our full review of this event!

For the World of Warplanes enthusiasts we had a treat as well.  Every two hours we had a stage demonstration where our virtual pilot, Community Manager “Pixyl”, took to the skies.  Her co-pilot on this mission was “Moneo” who commented live on stage and explained some of the details for the captivated audience.  Oohs and ahhs could be heard whenever Pixyl got into a hairy situation, banked away to evade a deadly attack or managed to destroy one of her feisty opponents.

In the evening two of our World of Warplanes developers, Development Director Oleg Gotnyam and Game Producer Sergey Ilyshyn, joined Moneo on the stage for an informative Q&A session about Wargaming’s upcoming title.  Players were very curious, and our two devs answered every question as best they could.  As well as the people in our booth, we also took some questions from players watching through our live stream which gave the community a way to participate in the event.  Find out what exactly Sergey and Oleg revealed in an official review of their appearance to come in the news later!

To finish the day off, we held the very first Live Guess What contest directly from our gamescom booth and streamed it at the same time into the depths of the internet. This gave the community the chance to join in on the action and win themselves some prizes.  For those who were guessing along with us, here are yesterday’s tanks: AMT 12t, 8.8cm Pak43 JagdTiger-1, AMX 50 100.  We also had two planes: the Arado Ar. 65-1 and the Chance Vought F5U VS-315.

Come and join the show!  Find us in person at our gamescom booth, follow the live stream and join in the online chat, or just stayed tuned to the news section for tomorrow’s gamescom recap.