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Gamescom Recap of the Day

Saturday was the hottest day of the year at gamescom in Cologne with a cloudless, blue sky and temperatures that you normally only get during a summer vacation on a tropical island. Nonetheless we were on hand in our Wargaming booth to welcome the biggest crowd again, that this year’s trade show has seen.

Players lined up numerously for a chance to play some World of Tanks or World of Warplanes with us. Whilst waiting in the queue for their private session with one of our top titles, we encouraged them all to enter our big prize draw, in which every participant will get the chance to win an Alienware-sponsored Aurora gaming rig. Many of our visitors didn’t miss the opportunity to try their luck and happily subscribed. Tonight they’ll be eagerly awaiting the announcement of the winners of the draw, that will be happening live at 4.30 PM on stage. If you didn’t enter the competition yet, come by our booth (or go to our website) to put your name in the pile as well! We’re looking forward to the final winners’ announcement and wish all the participants the best of luck!

In the morning we had our World of Warplanes Designers make another appearance at the booth, to answer more questions about our upcoming Free-2-Play title. This time we switched it up a bit with Alexander Kasianenko (Technical Project Manager) holding the mic to answer players’ requests on stage, whilst our Art Project Mananger Miroslav Bavanenko took a seat behind the scenes, to show the players a short overview of the creation process of one of our planes in the game. From his computer backstage, which was streamed live to the audience in the hall, he explained the development steps, what software the Devs used and the different stages a plane undergoes throughout its construction. Look forward to a review of this informative session in a little bit here in our gamescom news.

Then we had a treat for our eSports fans again! We brought out Abusemeh – Captain of the very successful Odem Mortis clan – for another visit at our Wargaming booth, to offer us some of his wisdom about how to play the game. Only this time, we took it a step further. Rather than having Abusemeh only explaining his strategies to us, we had him take a seat in his tank’s virtual cockpit behind the scenes, and invited him to play a couple of games of World of Tanks for the gathered audience. He played three rounds – the first two with different tanks chosen by the crowd, and an artillery for the final match. If you want to know how well he did then check back to the news at a later time for our exclusive battle report on these fun exhibition matches with comments from our master driver.

After the fight we invited Abusemeh and his clan colleague Scharthak for a private interview backstage, where we had them give us their own recap of their most recent victory at the national WCG qualifying finals, that went down a couple of days prior at the Samsung Arena on the trade show grounds. Apart from taking us through all of the 5 tournament games played, they also gave their opinion on the current state of the eSports scene of the game, and what it would take for World of Tanks to reach the next level in competitive gaming. We’ll have this interview and more in the news for you as well.

Evening time at gamescom means Live Guess What time for our audience, who put their knowledge to the test to reveal yesterday’s hidden vehicles. Here are the answers for everybody who’s been guessing along: First session – Messerschmitt Me.262A Schwalbe, I-5, M4 Sherman, M6, Type 59. Second session – North American P51-D Mustang, P-12, Maus, MS-1, Panther II.

To finish off this recap, and since today will be the last day of gamescom, we want to encourage you to come by the booth for one last time, or to check us out in the live stream if you can’t make it here in person. We’ll be holding our costume contest and a huge closing celebration in the evening, where you’ll be able to score the biggest amount of goodies that we’ve given out so far during any of the prior trade show days!

We’re looking forward to seeing you all, Commanders! Join us live or watch us in the live stream and chat with us throughout the show!