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Gamescom. Day 4 Main Highlights. UPDATE

August 20th the doors of Koelnmesse were open one hour earlier than usual. The crowd of visitors poured into the building and spread in different halls immediately. Nothing has changed at World of Tanks booth except the number of players that has grown hugely.

Open daily tournament has started. The queues to take part in the tourney are enormous. However there is something that will definitely overshadow the tourney.

The main event of today is by no means the show match that will be held between WoT developers and Panzerknackers. The match will be organized at ESL booth. It starts at 15:10 local time (13:10 UTC) and will last during 1 hour. Those who want to follow it live are welcome to come to the booth and those who cannot be there can follow the match on-line here (Stage 1).

UPD. August 20. The match will start with an hour delay, at 16:10 local time (14:10 UTC) due to technical reasons.

It is known that the devs have already prepared the roster and the machines they are going to use are the following: PzKpfw VIB Tiger II, M26 Pershing, T-44, SU-8, Grille, Panter II, T1 Heavy. The rival teams will play 5 battles that last 10 minutes. The format of the tournament is 8/42 with Tier 5 artillery restriction. All battles will be held on Lakeville, Prokhorovka, Himmesdorf and Steppes maps.

Having no opportunity to watch the match, follow World of Tanks twitter. Whereas the results will be announced as soon as the match is over, the course of action will be continually described in Twitter.

Follow the match online