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gamescom 2016: The Drawing of the Loot

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gamescom is not only about playing the latest and the greatest... It's an adventure to grab some exciting loot for you and your friends!

It is almost lunch time here at gamescom and the stage in the Wargaming Booth is besieged by a chanting crowd. The head of the Customer Service Department is bouncing up and down, holding a green box with an Xbox One Console within it above his head. With World of Tanks on Xbox getting new weather and graphical effects, this is the best time to grab this console and take it home. And the hundred-plus crowd knows this.

There are three machines to be given away. But who is going to get them? 

Meanwhile, in a different place in the booth, people are queuing up to play their favourite game; whether it is World of Warships, World of Tanks or perhaps Master of Orion, they all get a swanky goodie bag after they have had their fun. We shall not disclose what the exact contents are, but when you stand at one of the exits from the booth, you can see people beaming with delight. What can we say, we love our players! 

We caught up with one of the fans, who got right back in the queue. The reason? Because he wanted to get some more bonus codes for his friends, who could not make it to gamescom this year. The sacrifices we do for our loved ones! 

Dozens of bonus codes, t-shirts and other loot was thrown into the crowd. Coloured plush torpedoes were also given away! There is still a lot of loot to be had here in Cologne this year. So if you are nearby, or the draw of the loot is too hard to resist, give in to the temptation and come visit us!

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