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FV4202 (P): Gameplay Guide

General News
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Important: With Update 9.14, the vehicle was improved in terms of accuracy, aiming time, aim circle dispersion when traversing, turret turning and after firing, and terrain resistance. Also, the tank is now available in the Premium Shop.


The British FV4202 is returning to World of Tanks as a Tier VIII premium tank. Of course, this is a huge change for the tank, minding that it used to be at the very top of the British medium tech tree. Needless to say, we could not have had a Tier X behemoth going for a joyride amongst tanks as low as Tier VI, regardless of how hilarious and fun to watch this would have been. Therefore, for balance's sake, the vehicle has been revamped to fit its newly designated Tier and from now on, it will be known as the FV4202 (P). Below you will find a summary of the tank's characteristics after the rebalance, as well as a short guide to illustrate how to use it in combat.


GeneralGun OQF 20-pdr Gun Type B Barrel
  • Structure: 1,400 HP
  • Armour:
    • Front: 50 mm
    • Side: 50 mm
    • Rear: 31 mm
  • Turret armour:
    • Front: 170 mm
    • Side: 90 mm
    • Rear: 90 mm


  • Weight/Max. Weight: 41.59 t/ 44.75 t
  • Engine power: 510 hp
  • Power-to-weight ratio: 12.26 hp/t
  • Fire chance: 20 %
  • Top speed: 35 km/h
  • Hull traverse speed: 40°/sec
  • View range: 390 m
  • Radio range: 750 m
  • Rate of fire: 7.5 shots/min
  • Penetration/Damage:
    • AP: 226 mm /230 HP
    • APCR: 258 mm /230 HP
    • HE: 42 mm /280 HP

  • Shell cost:
    • AP: 680
    • APCR: 11or 4,400
    • HE: 170

  • Accuracy: 0,33 m (per 100 m)
  • Aim time: 2.3 seconds
  • Total amount of shells: 50
  • Turret traverse speed: 36°/sec
  • Gun depression: -10°
  • Gun elevation: 20°


What equipment, consumables, and crew skills should you use?

The recommendations below are only suggestions - feel free to experiment on your own and choose what works best for you.





For maximum effect, consider replacing Coated Optics with Improved Ventilation - this way, you will get the most out of the tank, especially when combined with the Brothers in Arms perk and Pudding and Tea consumable.


Crew Skills and Perks

Please note that the Loader also assumes the role of the tank's Radio operator and will have access to the latter's skills and perks as a result.


Details and Gameplay

Although the FV4202 wasn't really that remarkable when it was at Tier X, the rebalancing has definitely turned the tank around in terms of performance. Now, the vehicle can easily compete, not only with other Premium tanks, but also with many standard vehicles of its Tier as well - especially when you learn to use its strong sides to your advantage.

So what's interesting about the FV4202 (P)? Definitely its gun. The 20-pounder at its disposal has an outstanding penetration value. In fact, it's one of the best values at Tier VIII. Combine this with a good rate of fire, accuracy and an acceptable aiming time and you've got yourself an effective weapon, not only for when you go up against your peers, but also for when you confront most vehicles of a higher Tier. These amazing qualities are enhanced even further, if you take into consideration that the tank has reliable frontal turret armour, as well as a very good view range and gun depression - oh yes, this means going hull down pretty easily!

The only downsides to the tank are its weak hull armour (although the frontal plate is installed at a very acute angle) and unsatisfying speed. Driving it may sometimes feel like driving a heavy. You should also mind its engine, as the chance of catching fire when hit is relatively high, so keeping your engine compartment out of harm's reach should be a priority.

How to make it work, then? Easy, actually - play as a second-line support. Use your superb gun to fire at enemy tanks that are too busy with your heavies to mind you, intercept their scouts, and, whenever possible, go hull down and go crazy! Your turret offers you reasonable protection and you have 10 degrees of gun depression. This means that when you peak over a hill, you can do it without exposing your lower plate and rain fire upon the enemy, while staying relatively safe yourself. The fact that you have a basic view range of 390m will also allow you to spot the enemy easily and rack up all those damage assist bonuses! Just forget about wolfpacks - you won't be able to keep up, nor will you be able to survive too many shots to your hull. The second line is definitely where you want to be in this tank.

Conclusion: The FV4202 (P) is a great support vehicle that can fit a variety of roles on the battlefield, be it sniper, support, universal damage dealer or even spotter, provided that the conditions are right. Although its hull is not armoured properly, nor is its top speed very competitive, the tank can use its good gun depression and solid turret to go hull-down in a variety of settings and exchange shells with the enemy with a good deal of success. In short, it's a good all-rounder that can manage just fine in most situations.

The FV4202 (P) naturally enjoys all the Premium tank bonuses, which means that every battle you get into with it will yield better credit and XP income. The tank can also be used as an excellent training platform for your British medium tank crews. Due to the fact that the tank's crew excludes Radio operators, the FV4202 (P) is the best option for players who own and frequently play high-Tier British mediums, as those vehicles share the same crew layout.

If you like British mediums and need a reliable credit-maker that can additionally train your crews, then the FV4202 (P) is what you are looking for.


There is only one question left unanswered - which side of the barrel will you be on?