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Fury on the Battlefields

David Ayer’s movie Fury premieres today in France and the UK, and soon it will roll out to other parts of Europe as well. We are very excited about it and so we decided to bring a Fury accent to the battlefields too!

Meet the special concept Tier VI premium tank, the M4 Sherman “Fury”:

As you can see in the interactive presentation, the vehicle is an exact copy of the one which you can see in the movie. Our developers went to great lengths to replicate every single detail which makes the tank special, so that anyone driving this unique machine could feel as if they were in the movie themselves. The equipment, armament, crew’s personal belongings and even the distinct “Fury” sign on the barrel – all of it has been meticulously recreated in the game!

How to get it:

The M4 Sherman “Fury” will be made available shortly in the EU region, so make sure to visit our website regularly for more information. Don’t miss the unique opportunity to get your hands on your Fury Sherman tank and expect more Fury-related content coming to World of Tanks very soon!


Important: Winners of the creative contest “World of Tanks Gameplay Trailer Inspired by Fury” will receive the M4 Sherman “Fury” for free. You guessed it, the tank is indeed the Special Secret Tank we mentioned in the prize list, and your excellent entries have won you one! The tanks will be delivered to your accounts shortly after they become available.


Roll out and unleash your fury, Commanders!