Master Frontline with Light Tanks


Frontline is coming back for a second episode. One may think our special game mode is not very kind to light tanks or the recently introduced wheeled vehicles, but we're here to prove the contrary. Here are some tips and tricks to use aboard these machines once you've reached the Frontline!

What about Frontline Reserves?

To preface our guide, here are our recommended Reserves for light tanks, as well as wheeled vehicles:

  • Recon Flight: As part of your duty as a spotter, this will help you do exactly that. If you know that it's too dangerous out there, use the Recon Aircraft to light them up. Do it at the right time, and you'll rack up plenty of assisted damage
  • Engineering: A great choice for almost any tank. Not only can you capture enemy bases faster, but you also have the ability to block enemy tanks from capturing yours by shooting them
  • Artillery Strike: In dire moments it's crucial to take out or cripple dug-in vehicles. Use it at the right time, and you can turn the tide of battle to your favour

'Inspire' can be used as well if you prefer to have a boost in performance. However, consider it's very situational, whereas the ones above prove to be useful more often. Anyway, without further ado, let's take a look at what you can do with this class:

Spot and Bait

Both light tanks and wheeled vehicles share the same responsibilities, the major difference is the approach. Light tanks can spot other vehicles from longer distances, and wheeled vehicles have the superior speed to scout actively. 

Remember to use the Recon Flight to spot opponents if it's too dangerous for you to expose yourself.

Light tanks are perfect for quick attacks. Use their speed to draw attention to your tank. The more you can bait the enemy to focus on you, the more time you buy for your team. Keep up as much speed as you can, and keep your eyes on the road. It can easily happen that you can get stuck or roll over. If you stop, it's game over.

Wheeled vehicles allow you to be even more aggressive, but play smart. The huge Frontline map allows you to flank in very creative ways. Cross every corridor to find a target, and use the sharpshooting gun of the Lynx 6x6 or the EBR 75 to shoot on the move.

Capture and take out objectives (Attack)

Thanks to their speed and camouflage value, both light tanks and wheeled vehicles can sneak through the enemy lines in the mid-late stage of the battle, where you can capture bases quickly (Engineering is a must, though) or inflict great damage to the objectives. Even faster vehicles will find it difficult to catch up with you.

Check out the gameplay footage below as an example:

As you can see in the video, the rear of the objective can even be penetrated with high-explosive shells, so we strongly recommend taking about 10 or more HE shells with you to destroy them even faster. Also, have a look at the weak spots below to see where to aim.

Rear: 90mm
Hatch (yellow): 70mm
Ventilation shaft (green): 25mm

Reset the base capture (Defence)

When the enemy advances and tries to capture your base, a light tank or a wheeled vehicle can very much save the game. Use your speed to get to the action fast. With the 'Engineering' reserve, you have the possibility to block the base capture by damaging opponents. This will buy you additional seconds. Focus targets with the least HP, and in case you're not sure if you can penetrate, try destroying the tracks.

Alternatively, use your camouflage value, mobility, as well as the proper reserves to spot opponents while being in a safe spot yourself, as in the gameplay video below:

Keep in mind that resetting the base capture progress is an extremely fast way to climb the ranks and get bigger rewards, so sacrificing your tank to save the base is an important and smart move.

We hope this guide will help you master both light tanks and wheeled vehicles in the Frontline Mode. Show them that even the tiniest ELC EVEN 90 can be a real danger!


Roll out!