x3 Free XP with Friendly Friday #3

Ladies and Gentlemen, you know what time it is. It's time for another Friendly Friday!

After the success of our first two editions, our 24 hours event will be back from Friday, 19 October at 07:00 to 20 October at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2). And, on top of the 10% XP bonus you always receive for playing in a platoon, this Friday will be dedicated to Free XP.

Indeed, our latest mission will grant you an amazing x3 Free XP bonus on each of your battles. Make the most of it to climb your way up your favourite tech tree of the moment faster – why not have a look at the new Polish tanks, for example? After all, they've just been nominated for our next Top of the Tree!

Friendly Friday #3 Mission

  • Reward
  • Objectives
  • Restrictions
  •  x3 Free Experience for the battle
  • Play a Battle
  • Place in the top 10 of your team by base XP earned
  • Only in Random Battles
  • Only in vehicles from Tier IV to Tier X
  • Be in a platoon


Roll out!