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French Tanks Enlisted

Who says that French can’t war or throw out a decent fight? Who diminished France to the second rate tank-building nation?

Apparently, France had the largest tank fleet in the interwar period. And the fame of French tankers was legendary. General-President-To-Be Charles de Gaulle displayed courage and valour commanding the 4th armoured division in the early years of WWII.

Besides, the French succeeded in perfecting the tank technology. Their auto-loading multi-round gun mechanism, loosely resembling a revolver pistol, was awe inspiring to any enemy.

If you still think lowly of the French tankmanship, the update 7.1 will prove you wrong. French Tanks have been enlisted for action in the World of Tanks. Frankly speaking, without the French the WoT tank family has been dysfunctional at best.

You can have the exclusive sneak-peak at the update 7.1 and full French tank trees:

Moreover, now you have a chance to test ride the French steel-clad stallions. Learn more about the update 7.1 public test.

Do have a look at the special French Tanks forum section. There you can discuss and share your impressions about riding the French tanks, exchange tips and tactics, ask questions and learn new information from developers.

We have previously run several articles about the French Tree Tanks, brash up your knowledge ahead of the release:

Let’s give a warm, big and loud welcome to our French frères d’armes!