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French SPGs Reviewed

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With the 7.4 update two new branches were added to the French tech tree. The first of them is composed of tank destroyers which we showcased in our last video for you a short time ago. Today it’s time to focus on the other new branch that’s made quite an impact since its arrival: The French SPGs!

Playing artillery is quite a unique experience in World of Tanks and differs a somewhat from the usual tanks gameplay. Every experienced player knows that it takes a lot of finesse and more of a strategic approach to be able to rain down shells on people when playing SPGs. This goes double for the French artillery vehicles because of their special characteristics.

If you want to learn how to make an impact for your team when driving the small RenaultBS, or how to make full use of the AMX 105 AM’s lightning fast speed, then you should definitely give our video review below a look. Not only will it give you a general overview of all of the branch’s vehicles, but it’ll also provide some essential guidelines on how to play them.  This means that you’ll have something to go on when taking up the challenge of taming beasts like the Tier VIII BatChatillon 155. 

There you go! Combined with the first part of our video presentation of the new French vehicles, you should now have a complete insight into this most recent tech tree expansion. Make good use of it and use your artillery to your team’s advantage!

Time to scour the battlefields for prey, Commanders!