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French Crown Jewel Lorraine 40t

Once again pleases our tankers by unveiling some facts about the approaching tank Lorraine 40t, which was called 'the crown jewel of French medium tanks'. Thus, in the article shares the background history of the real tank, accompanied by the expectations of players, which are followed by comments from World of Tanks game designers.

"GoHa.Ru: Would you tell us why the important place MT9 was given to Lorraine 40t exactly and if some other rearrangements are possible in the branch of French MTs?

Nikita Shpakov: We decided that this very tank would fit the top of the French branch the best. Because it’s both heavier and was installed with 100mm gun. Of course, in theory, changes in the French branch or any other are still possible, since nuances that have to be counted for always crop up over the course of development."

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