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Introducing Unified Free XP


After the introduction of the unified premium account, and followed by shared gold in our current projects, today we’re proud to announce the next big step for our Wargaming family of games – Unified Free XP!

Free XP is what you earn in addition to the regular vehicle-tied XP that you gain from playing games. It is 5% of the amount of regular XP earned and is automatically credited to your account after each battle. Unlike regular XP, free XP can be used not only on the tank or plane that earned it, but also anywhere else in the tech tree where you can unlock a new item.

It used to be that free XP was earned and kept separately for World of Tanks and World of Warplanes. From now on, thanks to Unified Free XP, free XP will be combined in one unified pool, which you’ll be able to draw from in both current games and any future Wargaming titles.

Don’t forget that, from vehicles that have acquired Elite status, you can also use gold to exchange regular XP into free XP. Use this ability in combination with the unified free XP pool to unlock the items of your choice faster and reach the top of your favourite tech tree more easily.


Two things to keep in mind before you get going…

  • Be careful when spending your free XP for the first time! Players who have previously accumulated large amounts of free XP by playing World of Tanks will now see this same number of free XP appear in World of Warplanes as well. Keep in mind that this experience is shared between both titles and so will be gone from both games, should you decide to use it for the research of an expensive vehicle in either title. 
  • We also advise players who now find themselves in the position of being able to afford higher-tier aircraft, to please remember that the ability to unlock a plane is not the same as the ability to handle it. There is no substitute for the skills that you acquire from unlocking planes tier by tier as you used to in the past. Please consider this when using your free XP for a different Wargaming title. 

If you want to learn more about the general subject of earning XP and using it for technological progression in the game, you can always take a look at our dedicated section in the FAQ.


Enjoy your new Unified Free XP, Commanders!