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Field Manual: Armour vs. High-Explosive Rounds


Update 7.0 has brought into the game not only maps, revamped interface, and reworked vehicle characteristics. It has introduced a novel armour system featuring spaced armour and 16 armour groups.

We have run a small info piece on what spaced armour and armour groups are all about. We hope that you have found it useful and worth your time.

We would like to continue a little more on this subject and present you Field Manual on damaging vehicles with High-Explosive rounds. You will get an insight on how the game mechanics works, and, hopefully, you will be able to utilise it to improve your tanksmanship.

In the future we are planning to prepare a series of various Field Manuals with practical tips about various aspects of the game: armour, shells, map tactics. Please comment in the forum threat if you would like to see more of these and which aspects of the game we should touch upon first.