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Feel the Tank Power of Gamescom

The expo is in full swing. The crowd of players is growing every minute. Boxes with giveaway goodies are emptied within a few minutes. Walking through the hall one can notice how many World of Tanks devotees are here at Gamescom.

All the visitors who played the game for no matter how long, get a token which can be exchanged for a T-shirt. Here and there visitors are dressed in World of Tanks branded T-shirts. Now they don’t differ much from those who work at the booth. The only distinction is that the majority of representatives are dressed in red trousers. Bear that in mind when addressing your questions to someone. The person in a T-shirt might be someone like you!

Despite the big number of visitors today’s intermediate results of the tourney are lower than the ones of Day 2 leaders. For the time being the best result is 1663 XP. This score was shown by two players. They both chose Maus to participate in the tournament. The final results will be presented in the evening blogpost.

Shortly you will also enjoy the most recent issue of Wargaming TV.

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