Sneak Peek: February Specials


February is a great month to spend some time in the game and work on your progress. Whether you want to enjoy winter vacation from school or spend some quality time with your signficant other on Valentine's Day, we are happy to present you with a sneak peek of what we have in store for you - use it to plan ahead and make the most of the month!

February Specials

  • Top of the Tree
  • Nation Spotlight: Germany
  • Valentine Special: Love Your Tanks!
  • Nation Spotlight: USSR
  • Nation Spotlight: USA
Top of the Tree

ToT specials make a comeback and just in time to help you on your way to the top of the recently released Swedish tech tree! Take advantage of this month's edition and reach high for the powerful Kranvagn!

When: 1 - 28 February

Nation Spotlight: Germany

The aficionados of German engineering will be thrilled to know that there is a special planned that puts the Balkenkreuz-bearing beasts in the spotlight! Take advantage of dedicated discounts and bonuses for German vehicles!

When: 4 - 6 February

Valentine Special: Love Your Tanks!

If your significant other is as much of a tank freak as you are, then you will have the perfect opportunity to spend some romantic time together - blasting noobs left right and centre in the name of love! Hot discounts and bonuses obviously included!

When: 11 - 14 February

Nation Spotlight: USSR

Soviet Steel may be simple and crude, but definitely not unreliable. Fans of the aggressive playstyle of this nation will be able to enjoy a dedicated special as well, with nice discounts and bonuses awaiting the respective vehicles.

When: 18 - 20 February

Nation Spotlight: USA

As is the case for Germany and USSR, American tanks will get some love as well! Versatility, enterprise and now dedicated bonuses and discounts as well - get the most of the US tech tree!

When: 25 - 27 February