Fair Play Update: Cheaters Get Banned!


We'd like to thank the majority of players who continue to enjoy World of Tanks and participate in our close-knit community. Sadly, however, some players have taken things a step too far. Following the recent Global Map: War Gods event, we would like to remind players that we have zero tolerance for cheating. Fair play will always be among our top priorities.

The Spirit of Fair Play
World of Tanks has always been open to modifications and customizations, as long as they align with our Fair Play Policy. However, we do not approve of unwanted, cheating, and harmful software that manipulates gameplay and provides unfair advantages. We will continue to do our best to keep the gaming environment as fair as possible.

Our Terms of Service and Licence Agreement
Violations of our Terms of Service and the End User Licence Agreement are not tolerated, and we actively work to stop cheaters who use harmful and unwelcome software.

Penalized & Banned Accounts
Today, we have taken another step in this direction and placed a ban wave across all servers. In this wave, we’ve penalized 11,444 accounts in the EU region: 10,851 of these accounts have received their first warning and a seven-day ban, and 593 have been banned permanently.

Verified Mods
This ban wave is the first of several, so be sure to visit the Mod Hub to find all the verified and newest mods for World of Tanks. The Mod Hub is the safest place to download various mods for World of Tanks, without worrying about policy violations.


Let’s keep things fair and enjoy the game responsibly!

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