FabZat Busts and Mobile Phone Cases!

In November we told you about our partnership with FabZat and brought you busts. Now they're offering even more with personalised mobile phone cases too!

3D printed cases are a never-before-seen innovation, the relief will give a special and superb look to your mobile. The following phones are suitable for these cases: 

  • iPhone ranges 5 / 6 / 7
  • All Samsung Galaxy 5 (including mini), 6 and 7 (including Edge)

You can personalise the case by adding your clan logo (or any other image of your choice) and your in-game name/nickname or any other text of your choosing. The price for the cases is €24.99 (excl. VAT).


Also, don't forget that custom busts are still available. The busts come in two sizes: 5.5cm in height or 7.5cm. These unique items will be printed, hand polished, and varnished, and come with a certificate featuring the day of manufacture, its serial number, and signature.

The prices (excl. VAT) are €29.99 for the smaller one and €54.99 for the larger—you are also able to pay in GBP (Pound Sterling) for those of you in the United Kingdom

With FabZat, you can customise to your heart's content!