Experimental Equipment: An Important Update 


Communicating with and listening to our players is a top priority as it helps us make the game better. However, sometimes our efforts to improve and expand the game don't go as smoothly as planned.  

We introduced Experimental Equipment as a way for players to have highly flexible vehicle customization options. Making it available for bonds like Improved Equipment would not work as obtaining the latter requires several Tier X vehicles. Therefore, we made Experimental Equipment available at three Upgrade Levels and usable from Tier V and above to:  

  • make it accessible for both new and experienced players. 
  • have lower efficiency than Improved Equipment, but somewhat higher than that of Bounty Equipment.  

During the initial giveaway of Experimental Equipment technical issues emerged, giving us more time to review the feedback and data we received. We are now working on modifying the stats and the resource cost of Experimental Equipment. We will share more information in a separate article in the coming days before resuming the giveaway.  

Any Experimental Equipment already claimed by players will remain on their accounts.  

The introduction of Experimental Equipment into the reward rosters of in-game events is on hold until we are sure that it works as intended.  

Thank you for your patience and understanding.   

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