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Recent research has shown that SPGs are currently the most popular vehicle class in the game. Therefore, we have decided to follow up on the exceptional regard you hold for artillery and enable every vehicle class in the game to act as one! In order to turn this idea into reality, we have prepared a special token, which will enable you to fire a special artillery shell that looks like a travel suitcase – you know, to set the enemy up for their trip to the garage.

Also, as a sign of your love for artillery, the suitcase will leave a beautiful rainbow trace and explode into a myriad of colours upon impact – arty is magic after all!



About the Suitcase

The suitcase will only be available for 24 hours and can be acquired by completing a special in-game mission:

Earning Your Case


1 x Suitcase Token


  •          Random Battles only
  •          Tier V or higher
  •          Repeatable


  •          Destroy a total of 10 enemy vehicles over any number of battles

This mission will be available from Wednesday 1 April at 07:10 until Thursday 2 April at 07:00 CEST (UTC +2).

The Token is a consumable that allows one deployment of the suitcase strike.


Operating the Suitcase

Once acquired and taken into battle, the suitcase will appear as a fourth consumable in your inventory. Press the "7" key to select it and prepare for usage.

Once you trigger the consumable, you will enter the familiar “satellite” view you know from playing SPGs. Just aim for your target and fire as if you would a normal artillery shell to send your opponent some love! The range will easily cover the entire map so don’t hesitate to aim for anything you want!

Just remember that you can take only one suitcase with you into battle and it will require 30 seconds to pass starting from the beginning of the battle before you can use it.

The suitcase handles like a 100 mm calibre shell, has an 8 metre blast radius, and its potential damage will depend on the tier of your vehicle:

Vehicle Tier

Potential Damage














Use this opportunity to love and tolerate the scrap out of your enemies!