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eSports Q&A with Bump at gamescom 2012

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As our gamescom coverage continues, we want to tell you a little bit about how Wargaming’s eSports Manager, Bump  took to the stage recently on our main stage to answer some of questions from our fans about the World of Tanks competitive gaming scene.

He briefly introduced himself and then opened up the microphone to the audience on the floor.  The first question came from a fan who wanted to know what Bump’s favourite strategy was in the game, and what map he liked best. “No strategy,” was the response with a laugh. “When it comes to watching games that other people play, which I do a lot of as eSports manager, I particularly enjoy the games that are a little bit unusual.  Such as where the players rush off and there’s a lot of action, even if it’s not the best thing to do if you want to win.”  As for the map he stated that Himmelsdorf was still his favourite, since it offered the best balance and thus gets used a lot in competitive matches.

The next question asked was about Bump’s eSports origins.  We learned that he started out with Quake and then transitioned into other MMOs to finally land at Wargaming.  The next question was about what kind of qualities a good eSports player would need to be successful in the eSports scene. Bump explained how important it is to find a good team – one that is competitively minded and communicates well.  The need for a strong leader who can coordinate the players was also highlighted, as well as the usual suspects: the ability and will to train, practice and play. “As such, a good place to start would be the ESL,” Bump suggested.

An interested fan, who seemed eager to get into the scene himself, asked how much on average professional eSports players train to get to their level.  It’s at this point that Bump turned to the Odem Mortis guys who were in the crowd and threw the question over to them.   The end response was that while individual approaches obviously differ, you should set aside at least least two hours per day to practice.

There was only limited time for this Q&A so it was kept very short.  However, Bump will be answering more questions throughout the rest of gamescom.  Check the schedule for other sessions!

Stay tuned to the news to keep up to date with our gamescom coverage!