[Sandbox] Second Iteration of Equipment 2.0 Test is over


The second iteration of the Equipment 2.0 test on the Sandbox server is now concluded. We were able to collect a lot of data and feedback regarding the latest changes to the large-scale equipment update. You can read more about the adjustments made for this iteration in our previous article.

Equipment 2.0 Sandbox Test: Iteration 2

We would like to thank all the players who participated!

Sandbox tests are integral parts of the development process and help us design features together with the community. We could not do it without your feedback.

There will be a survey later, but it's already clear that we are not done testing the new equipment, yet. Keep your eye on the portal for more about this at a later stage in a dedicated article.

Once again, thank you to all the participants. We will credit the participation rewards to your accounts very soon.

See you on the battlefield!