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Epic Tank Battles: The Smallest Foes

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Our Epic Tank Battles are videos based on the replays which you have submitted!  This time, we take a look at a couple of winners from our End of Year Contest, in which we show that Tier I may be the lowest in the game, but by no means the least!

In this video, we look at two replays from Weltfrieden and sharky91. One features a Leichttraktor (German Tier 1) and the other is a T1 Cunningham (USA Tier I).  The video shows that the fast pace and quick action of a Tier I match is ideal for racking up the kills!  Before you watch the video, take a guess at how many kills each of these vehicles scored.


Did you guess correctly?  Which of the two replays (Leichtraktor or Cunningham v1) was your favourite, and why?  We’d like you to tell us on our forum!  Click on the comments link at the bottom of this thread and let us know your answer.


Feeling inspired? Give us your comments and then get onto the battlefields to see if you can beat those scores!