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Epic Battle in Himmelsdorf

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We know you love to compare your skills with those of other players.  This is why we have created the forum thread just so that you can share your epic battles with everybody, and allow you to show off with your favourite steel beast.

Occasionally  we pick out one of these videos to highlight to the community.  This time, from all the videos you have submitted, we have selected the replay of JohnnyEasy who drove an AMX 13 90 French tank on the Himmelsdorf map.  The epicness of this battle is not really about the amount of kills he managed to score.  However, we were exceptionally impressed with his playing style, which is really good.  We also noted that he managed to hit, damage and/or scout quite a few enemy tanks.

Could you also achieve these statistics?

  • Destroyed: 2
  • Damaged: 6
  • Detected: 4
  • Shots: 27
  • Hit the Target: 27
  • Hits Received: 3
  • Experience (x3): 8004
  • Credits: 63262
  • Repairs: 5038
  • Achievements: Sniper, Confederate

You can watch JohnnyEasy’s replay below.  Do you have what it takes to be the next epic player?

Recording your own Epic Battles is easy!

Just go to your garage screen and open the Game Menu. From there click on 'Settings' and go to the tab for 'Game'. Just check the box at the bottom to 'Enable battle recording' and you are done! Your recordings will be automatically saved to a folder called 'replays' which can be found in the main Word of Tanks folder and will be created at the time of your first recording.

Would you like to be in our next video? Take part in our future contests or upload your own Epic Battle to the Forum section. 

Once again, congratulations to JohnnyEasy, and we are looking forward to seeing more of your replays in the future!