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Easter hustle and bustle in World of Tanks

Easter is a feast that means something special to most people. For some it’s a religious celebration. For others it’s a warm family holiday when Easter bunny gives chocolate eggs to kids and for the rest it’s just a pleasurably long weekend. Whatever Easter means to you, and how you decide to spend the time, World of Tanks team wishes you happiness and to have great time this weekend!

However if you decide to spend Easter Sunday (April, 24th) on battlefields you should bear in mind that the game itself is relatively poor in Easter eggs, so World of Tanks team has prepared most of them for you outside it. First nine luckies, who succeed in scouring various fields and report their findings to providing their nicknames and credible proofs of effective hunt stating on which server the prey has been found, will get 2,500 gold which can be regarded as World of Tanks Easter bunny presents.

The details of a special Easter event you will find on the forums.

Happy egg-hunting!