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Early December Gift Shop Packages

General News
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During the past months we have had a very straightforward way of how the gift shop worked. There were several packages which were available permanently and some that were available only for a certain month. The time has come to introduce a twist to this mechanic, as it was starting to get rusty, and as we all know, true tank-lovers hate rust.

This is how it’ll work. Some of the permanent packages will be temporarily vanishing from the shop, while others will be appearing in their place. Don’t worry, the permanent packages will be back right after the short-term offer ends. The offers that will be in the short-term packages will be far different from what you’re used to now in the gift shop, so we hope you’ll be really happy to see them there!

Just to give you a small tease of the events to come – you will be able to get some vehicles which you haven’t even seen in the gift shop before and some that are no longer normally available for purchase in the game! It will be a really fun month for everyone who remembers to check the gift shop out regularly!

In December you will be able to benefit from several short-term offers in the gift shop. The exact date and content of the packages will be introduced right before they go live, but don’t worry, we will always announce how long they will be available for purchase.


The first set of gift shop packages available for just a few days will be available from the 1st December 06:30 CET (05:30 GMT) until the 7th December 06:00 CET (05:00 GMT).

The following packages will be available during this period in the gift shop:

Bundle name Bundle content Bundle price
Monthly Boost Bundle 30 days premium
2500 Gold
10x Large First Aid Kit
American Bundle T14 - American Tier V heavy tank
1 Garage slot
5x Large Repair Kit


Monthly Boost Bundle:

Everyone needs a little bit of a boost once in a while. Some need it at the beginning, some just want to grind to that Tier VIII tank faster. No matter the reason, there is no better boost than 50% more credits and 50% more experience for a month’s time. On top of that you’ll get 10 Large First Aid Kits!

American Bundle:

The T14 heavy tank is a real monster on tracks. With thick armour and a fast-shooting gun it is a force to be reckoned with. This American machine comes with a garage slot and 5 Large Repair Kits to make your first battles far easier.


We hope that you’ll enjoy this short-term offer and that you’ll take a look in the gift shop regularly to check out the next offers still to come!