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Wargaming at E3 - Livestream



Every video game aficionado gets excited today! This is because this week is the time when this year’s E3 will take place. Of course Wargaming will also be there to showcase our products and share some hot information with the public.

Minding that this event is held in Los Angeles California, we are perfectly aware that not that many of our European fans will be able to visit us on the spot. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that we will be streaming the event live every day from June 10-12.

However, the time difference between NA and EU unfortunately means that the broadcast will run mostly during late evening and night hours in Europe. So if you have already planned to see some E3 live streams, or will be up for any reason during the upcoming nights we invite you to tune in.

There will be exclusive info about your favourite Wargaming products as well as some contests with great prizes.


What's in the Warcase?

Something very special is up for grabs once a day. Each day from E3, our team is risking life and limb to make sure this highly-coveted case makes its way securely to the E3 floor. But you may ask, what is inside?

All we can say for sure is you could win it, but you will have to join the stream to find out!


E3 Streaming Schedule


Stream Time in CEST (EU time)

Tuesday, 10 June

From 10 June at 21:00 until 11 June at 03:00

Wednesday, 11 june

From 11 June at 19:00 until 12 June at 03:00

Thursday, 12 June

From 12 June at 19:00 until 13 June at 02:00



WG Twitch Channel



Roll out, Commanders!