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The Drill: Winners’ Impressions

We invited Grimmblut, the captain of the winning team, to share their impressions with the tankers and we are glad to post it for you in our blog. You will find out what the winners’ opinion about the regulations of 5/60 division is and what they had to go through in order to get to the top.

“Many people complained about the regulation regarding the disqualification of both teams if none of them have been able to get two victories in five rounds. The main problem here is not actually the regulations but the lack of the ability of many teamleaders to adapt one's own tactics to the defensive tactics of the opposing team. Many teams we encountered during The Drill had the same tactics and they did not adapt it to our tactics in any way or just in a trivial way, even after several rounds. We, however, changed our tactics in many cases several times even during a single round. That way we've been able to win over teams with camping tactics and those with rush tactics alike,” – Grimmblut thinks.

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