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The Drill: Field Workout. Results

The Drill tournament in a new 7x7 style 8/42 format has successfully gone through all the stages starting with 1/128 on July 25th up to July 28th when the Finals took place.

The tournament attracted so many participants that the initial quota of 128 was doubled and eventually there were 256 teams to take part in the competition.

The playoff system of elimination required 2 victories in 5 matches with DSQ in case of a draw.

On average the battles lasted 10 minutes. All matches of the tournament were held on the map Mines.

The final battle was held on July 28th at 19:40 UTC. The rivals met on the battlefields were well known to most WOT players Pirates Henry Morgan I  and the team with an unfamiliar yet name Shiny Division - Team Turtle. For the former The Drill: Field Workout was not the first tournament, whereas the latter came out on top for the first time and… won! The result of the Finals was 0:2.

In the previous round Shiny Division - Team Turtle won over Pirates "Barbarossa" II (2:0). The rivals of the runner-up team was ASEET Aseveljet.

Congratulations to all four teams that will be generously rewarded!

Each player of the winning team Shiny Division - Team Turtle will be awarded  10,000 gold. Half of the amount, i.e. 5,000 gold each will go to Pirates Henry Morgan I players who took second place. And finally the tankers of Pirates "Barbarossa" II and ASEET Aseveljet that have taken third and fourth places will receive  2,500 gold each.

The gold will be enrolled to the players’ accounts within two weeks.

Enjoy the victory and spend your gold wisely!