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In Development: Team Battle – a new game mode

introduced into World of Tanks. The name of the mode is ‘Team Battle’ and it can be placed somewhere between platoon and company battles. The idea of the Team Battle is to unite 5-7 players into a team to battle against a comparable enemy team.

Basic Rules:

  • The maximum length of a battle is 10 minutes.
  • Battle type – Standard. Encounter and Assault battles won't be added to this mode for now.
  • Each team can pick vehicles no higher than Tier 8 and no more than 42 points in total cost. Tier 1 vehicles cost 1 point, Tier 2 – 2 points, Tier 3 – 3 points, etc.
  • A standard team consists of 7 players.  Teams consisting of 5 or 6 players are permitted to participate, but the team will lose 1 point for each missing player.

This new mode will be available for all players, and will bring a new experience to the game -  smaller teams means more room for tactics, and ensures that each player is required to contribute in order to win the battle. In addition, a team will need a skillful commander and good team play.

The key feature of this game mode is that the battles will be conducted between teams of similar skill levels. A special software mechanic will be used to calculate the various parameters for players and teams. This means the mode will be interesting, both for beginners who will be able to compete with players of their own level, and for veterans who will also easily find worthy opponents. 

Each player will be able to join a team or create one on their own (just like in tank companies), or to use the auto-selection feature. In this case, an automatic search will be performed to look for a team for the player and/or for missing players for an already existing team.

More information about the Team Battle mode will be provided very soon. Follow the news on the official World of Tanks portal!


Brace yourselves, Team Battles are coming!