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Developers’ Blog: Champs and Tourneys

Tournaments and championships as they are viewed by event-managers are presented in the most recent blog article from the very first one to the one that is about to start.

The very first big tournament held in World of Tanks was 1st Championship World of Tanks CBT, which apparently became the favourite champ of most players. Judging by the results of the poll conducted on community web-site during last week over 50% of all respondents named it their most preferable.

Almost 20% of those who participated in the poll chose The Drill: Training Camp as their favourite tourney.

The championship that is about to start in WoT is on the third place only. One of the possible reasons for its relative unpopularity is that the players haven’t tried the new format yet. However there might be other reasons too.

If you are eager to know what event-managers think about it, read our blog.