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Developer Diaries: Modern Vehicles


For a long time Tier X vehicles were considered the most dangerous vehicle-busters in the Random Battle mode and the top of the Tech Tree in World of Tanks. Now it is time to take the next step and expand the traditional horizons of the game. Meet the new modern vehicles!


Modern Tanks: The Great Four

Among the first Tier XI vehicles are the Russian T-90, the German Leopard 1A5, the American M1 Abrams, and the British Challenger 2. In the future, the vehicle roster will be gradually supplemented with new types of modern vehicles.

One of the main principles in organizing modern armoured forces is the vehicle unification. From this principle the idea of the main battle tank (MBT) appeared. MBTs are fit for completing quite a wide range of tasks, from fighting the enemy armoured vehicles to destroying fortifications.

Here’s a couple of first screenshots of these tanks:

In order to accommodate the new vehicles with all their advanced technologies, certain steps will be also taken in order to preserve balance and competitiveness in high-tier battles. The game mechanics will undergo significant changes: the game will start featuring missiles, dynamic protection and advanced systems for target search and lock. These are absolutely new concepts for World of Tanks that will require thorough and careful consideration. For details, refer to the video above.


Important: Please keep in mind that these new features are at the early stage of development. However, for now we can say that modern vehicles will change the way we see the game and add even more fire and dynamics to the gameplay! 

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