Developer Diaries: American Yoh Tanks


Have you heard of the Yoh tanks before? The American H.L. Yoh Company introduced these tank concepts with non-standard configurations in the 1950s. Each project had rather unusual shapes and unique mechanics, but they never actually made it into production. Nevertheless, they all had great potential! How feasible were they? Well, we are going to send five Standard and one Premium vehicle to the Supertest to give them a spin on the battlefields.

Check out the latest developer diary video to learn more about this exciting new project, and please let us know what you think of these strange newcomers in the forum.

The Supertest server is a closed game test environment. Unlike the public test server, the Supertest server is not accessible for players. It is used to try out future game concepts, the development of ideas, and potentially new updates for World of Tanks.

Roll Out!