Here's What's Coming in December


The end of the 2010s is nigh, but don't worry: December, as always, will come with many surprises and great activities. Here's what's coming to your favourite game over the course of the month! Keep your eyes peeled for more, as our famous Advent Calendar and more end-of-the-year activities will also return this year. 

December Specials

  • First Week of Festivities
  • Festive Crews and Looks
  •  The Festive Experience
  • Happy Holidays and Happy Discounts
  • Get Your Holiday Loot
  • Happy New Year
First Week of Festivities

3–9 December: let's kick off the month with a whole week of activities. Complete this new series of chained missions to get your hands on great goodies.


Personal Reserves and more

Festive Crews and Looks

7–9 December: even your tanks will receive the equivalent of grandma's handmade sweater this year thanks to this special, which features bonuses and discounts!


x3 Crew XP for your wins

 The Festive Experience

14–16 December: play and pile up heaps of XP with this new special, boosting your victories throughout the weekend.


Double XP on all your victories

Happy Holidays and Happy Discounts

21–27 December: who said Christmas gifts need to be expensive? Fill your garage with more items at a discount! 


Great discounts on vehicles and more

Get Your Holiday Loot

26–29 December: beneath our virtual Christmas tree, you'll find even more gifts thanks to this special. 


Holiday loot, for free

Happy New Year

28 December–1 January: we'll finish the month and start the new decade with a bang with this event, featuring great discounts and extra bonuses!


Great crew-related discounts


Roll Out!