Damage in Style with Our Latest Special

Dealing a lot of damage is awesome. But dealing it with style? Unforgettable.

A proper internet gameplay montage doesn't include things like side-scraping, hull-down or any other overly cautious tactics, but instead free-fall tanks, epic rammings, insane no-scope shots, and other crazy moves! From 20 October at 07:00 to 23 October at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2) it's about that sweet damage. And while you're at it, why not look cool at the same time?

So practice your best stunts right now and charge into battle to complete our latest missions!

Damage With Style Missions

  • Experience the Battle
  • Damage Achieved
Experience the Battle


  • 1,000 XP
  •  1 Token for "Damage Achieved" mission objective


  • Deal a total of 3,000 damage over any amount of battles
  • Place among the top 10 players in your team by base XP 


  • Three times a day
  • In vehicles from Tier IV to X
Damage Achieved


  •  5 Large Repair Kits
  •  5 Large First Aid Kits
  •  5 Automatic Fire Extinguishers


  •  Earn 6 tokens from "Experience the Battle" rewards


  • Once per account


Roll out!