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D-Day ― Phase Two

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Dear Commanders,

June 1944 was a critical month for World War II. Of particular note was June 6th, the day the Allied powers crossed the English Channel and landed on the beaches of Normandy. Three months later, the northern parts of France were free from the Nazi control and the Allies went on to meet the Soviet forces and enter Germany, putting an end to the war.

We want to honour this important historical event by offering you the opportunity to become more familiar with the protagonists of this battle through two phases of special offers.

You have already benefited from the first session of our commemoration bonuses, so now let’s enjoy the second phase of the D-Day Special!

From June 8th at 7:30 h CEST (5:30am GMT) until June 12th at 7:00 h CEST (5:00am GMT), you can enjoy the following offers :
Double credit rewards (x2) on the following vehicles:
  • American Tier VI Medium tank M4A3E2 
  • American Tier VI Medium tank M4A3E8
  • American Tier IV Light Tank M5 Stuart
  • American Tier V Tank Destroyer M10 Wolverine 
  • American Tier IV SPG M7 Priest 
  • German Tier V Tank Destroyer StuG III 
  • German Tier IV SPG Grille
  • German Tier VII Medium Tank PzKpfw V Panther 
  • German Tier III Tank Destroyer Marder II;

Many of these are the same vehicles that were on offer during the first phase. Having obtained them, you can now progress quicker with them!

 50% discount for purchasing the Tank of the Month ― the German Tier V medium tank PzKpfw IV;

 Make a comeback with the mainstay of the German forces in the battlefields.

 Discount on Premium Account purchase:
  • 3 days for 250 Gold,
  • 7 days for 650 Gold;

 All the great advantages of the premium account at low prices!

x2 crew training rate for all vehicles:

Did you buy some new beds during the first phase? Now it’s time for the new tankers in your barracks to be properly trained!

50% discount on Credit Consumables;

 You know, the little things you put in your tank which can save your life. Cheaper is better!


Make good use of these offers in this Second Phase in our commemoration special and stay tuned for more great World of Tanks offers coming during this month!

We hope you enjoy this special and join with us in honouring the courage of all those who fought and died in this crucial part of the war.