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New Czechoslovakian tanks!

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Czechoslovakia was under German occupation for about six years, during which time the country's powerful military industry had to work for the needs of the Third Reich. After Germany was defeated, the Czechoslovaks inherited much of their production expertise, alongside an enormous amount of technical documentation (of both German and indigenous projects developed during occupation), which influenced the production of their later vehicles.

The first postwar decade was turbulent, as Czechoslovakia tried to recover its reputation as a major tank-building power. For economic and political reasons, most projects of that time did not reach the prototype stage, let alone enter mass production. Also, it is evident that Czechoslovakian engineers toyed with the principles of the Soviet tank design. However, to say that they copied it would not be entirely accurate: although Czechoslovakia drew inspiration from the German, Soviet, and also British (to some extent) schools of tank building, their post-war creations evolved into distinct indigenous tank designs.