Czech Out Challenge: Get Your Cut of 500,000 Gold


The first part of the Czech Out Challenge is over, and 20 lucky content creators get to split the massive prize pool of 500,000 gold between themselves. But they aren't going to sit on their spoils of war for long. The amount of gold they have secured will be distributed among their communities!

Each content creator will set up their own challenge (or challenges) for their followers. Join the fight and earn a portion of the gold!

Czech Out Challenge Part 2

Starts on August 20 at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2) and ends when all the gold is given to the community.

Content Creator Challenges

Content creators are free to set up their own challenges—as many as they want and with their own sets of conditions—via the brand-new challenge tool. Challenges work just like regular in-game missions with rewards, objectives, and restrictions, but they can be unlike anything you've tried to accomplish before.

As challenges are created individually, they won't be listed in the in-game Missions tab.

Tune in to your favorite content creator’s live stream, where they'll give more information about mission conditions, as well as share the invite links to their personal challenges. For a list of all the challenges, make sure to keep an eye on the Challenges Portal.


How to Participate

  1. Tune in to your favorite content creator’s live stream, where they'll share invites to their personal challenge(s) in the chat. A complete list of all ongoing challenges from all content creators can be found on the Challenges Portal.
  2. Follow the link and make sure you're logged in to your account on the Challenges Portal.
  3. Complete the challenge under the set conditions and WIN GOLD!
  4. As soon as the challenge is over, all commanders with winning ranks will automatically receive the gold in their account, and a receipt notification will appear in the bottom-right corner of their Garage.

You can participate in multiple personal challenges to support more than one content creator and maximize your gold earnings.

Scroll down to see all participating content creators.

Czech Out Challenge Part 1: Winners

Place Content Creator Prize
1 _Fr3ddy 100,000 
2 TacticalNuke 75,000 
3 Dakillzor 50,000 
4 KamilEater 30,000 
5 marty_vole 25,000 
6 skill4ltu 25,000 
7 Yzne 25,000 
8 Svitman 25,000 
9 cygaN_ 25,000 
10 Tankelit01 15,000 
11 Xilense 15,000 
12 Rysiek__ 15,000 
13 MrScheff 15,000 
14 Xcr 10,000 
15 StronkMaxi 10,000 
16 QuickyBaby 10,000 
17 ShipTheNutz 5,000 
18 Orzanel 5,000 
19 Zurugula 5,000 
20 JqlX 5,000 

Roll Out!