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Community Spotlight – March Edition

Are you interested in funny contests and helpful articles from your fellow players? Do you want to know about the latest events and see some cool artwork? Then this article might be just the right place to visit!

We’ve put together a list of popular resources for our community, and here is our top content-driven info that we feel should be of interest to everyone!

As some of you know, a few times a week we organise different contests where you can win in-game gold and bonus codes. 

Make sure you do not miss any of them by simply following us on Twitter and Facebook. LIKE our Facebook page, and make sure you select the appropriate language [English (UK), not "US"]. You can do so in the Profile settings.



One of the most popular contests, Verkauft mir euren Lieblingspanzer, was run by the German Community Team. If you think that tanks don’t deserve to be advertised, you’re wrong! Have a look at these amazing tank commercials created by the players. We really do have some gifted art directors among our community!



Love is in the air? Definitely is! As always, the French team wanted to prove they know everything about tanks and love. This month they asked the community to create their vision of a Love Tank. As always players didn’t let them down. Take a look at the cool artwork below!

Click on the thumbnails to see the full image


This time, the Polish community team ran a very successful in-game contest called Hide and Sneak. What is this competition about, you may ask? It was all about staying alive! 14 random players were fighting on specific maps and those who survived to the end won the prize.



It wasn't just the French team that had been struck by Cupid's arrow this month. The Czech community also decided to merge love and tanks by announcing the Valentine Card contest. The rules were simple, but the contest itself required creativity and good drawing skills!


Click on the thumbnails to see the full image

The Spanish team, as always, follows the newest online trends. Seeing the rising popularity of the Harlem Shake, the team decided to create a similar contest where players were asked to make a short video accompanied by the song. The results are... interesting to say the least!



Exotic music, delicious food and wonderful landscape.. but this is not all that Turkey has to offer! Our Turkish community also have some very talented players whose drawing skills have been put to the test in the Kamyon Tank contest. Check it out!





Click on the thumbnails to see the full image


Contest: WoT Flip Book

Last month the English community team came up with a very interesting contest called WoT Flip Book. The team was looking for new talents in the skill of short animation and players were asked to create a short flip book regarding their favourite in-game tanks. Check out the two amazing winning entries below!



Creative: Chinese New Year Contest

February 2013 marked the Chinese New Year, a day of celebrations to herald the beginning of the Year of the Snake! For this occasion, we have asked players to create a WoT based snake emblem. Here are the five best entries from NeonSheperd, Jordee45, Cooker, Hajvanho and ysk!


In-game contest: Hide and Sneak

This competition is all about staying alive! We choose 15 random players from the channel list to join us in a training room on specific maps. The players who survive won the codes. Simple yet very entertaining! Check our forum for more updates regarding this competition.


Creative: Screenshot contest 

 In this contest we’d like to see the best screenshot you can capture of either: your tank being destroyed or your spectacular kill shot to an enemy tank. The theme changes each week and last week it was “We are the Champions”. Here are the rewarded screenshots captured by buenonacho94, Orrie and Crewnault.


In-game contest: International Women’s Day

As you may already know, a few weeks ago we organised two community events on the occasion of International Women’s Day. The first in-game competition was run by our community ladies (Supercharge, Cdm_Latina and TianShan) who played in the platoon. The rules were simple, every player who successfully destroyed one of their tanks received 200 gold.

The second event was a little more complex. We created a tank company with 15 women randomly picked from the community. 15 girls vs 15 guys confronted each other on the battlefield. This time the winning team received 100 gold each.

Both events were very succesfull and we would like to thank everybody for the fantastic time!


Creative contest: Love you to bits!

Yes,  we do get sentimental about Valentine‘s Day, so why not reach out and share the love we have in World of Tanks?

In this contest we asked players to find the enemy tank and share their love by giving them a big kiss! (Tank to Tank) Face hug them and shoot away (ramming and hugging optional). Take a look at these cool pictures below!

Screenshots made by Panocek, Crewnault, PsychoBG, Innocense and Tomekku


YouTube channel of the month: RanZar

If you like to watch funny cartoons about tanks, you are definitely going to enjoy this channel! Every Friday RanZar releases a new video based on World of Tanks.  Below you can find a few episodes of this amazing series. Check it out!


Streamer of the month: ritagamer2

Have you ever wondered how you can improve your skills and become a better player?

Are you sometimes not able to play World of Tanks, but still want your daily fix and to learn new tactics or strategies? If the answer is yes, check out Rita’s streaming channel.

Rita‘s mission is to explore new tanks, to seek out new modules and new equipment, to boldly go where no woman has gone before! 

Fan art of the month: Nightdown

Who doesn’t love a funny comic strip? Originating from newspapers, comic strips gained popularity in the 1940s. Nowadays we can find very good comics on the internet too. Some of them are really good, like the one made by the World of Tanks player called Nightdown. Check them out!


Player of the month: Ding760

Ding760 is undoubtedly one of our favorite community contributors.  His contests are among the best on the EU forum.  Make sure you don’t miss any of them by simply following the Gameplay discussion section. You can also see what Ding760 has planned for the near future!