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Community Spotlight EU-English Edition

General News
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Dear Tank Commanders!

Are you interested in funny contests and helpful articles from your fellow players? Are you also curious about the latest events and cool artwork? Then this article might be just the right place to visit.

We’ve put together a list of popular resources for our community! Here is our top content-driven info that we feel may be of interest to everyone!

As some of you know, a few times a week we organise different contests where you can win in-game gold and bonus codes.

Make sure you do not miss any of them by simply following us on Twitter and Facebook. If you have your Facebook language set to *English (US)” you will need to switch it to the “English (UK)” setting in the profile settings.

EU Community Spotlight

Before we see what the English-speaking Community has been up to, let's have a look at the reports from the other regions:  German, Polish, Czech, French, Spanish and Turkish.


 German Team

This contest was an absolute hit! Players were asked to make a caricature of German team members: Obirian, PanzerGert and Rivanius. Here are a few of the designs they came up with!




 Polish Team

In the Polish contest section, the most popular was an in-game battle played between the community team and 15 players. The lucky finalist had the chance to tackle with The_Challenger. Both replays from this contest can be found here and here. Enjoy!


(click on the thumbnails to see the full image!)

 Czech Team

During the winter months, there is always a risk of heavy snowfall. However, Czech and Slovak players rose to the challenge and turned this winter calamity into incredible tank snowmen! As you can see, among the winners we had two Tank Destroyers from the German tech tree and one British tank.



 French Team

Another interesting contest was created by the French Community team. Players had a month to create the best logo/emblem for their favourite tank. Results can be seen here:

(click on the thumbnails to see the full image!)


 Spanish Team

Sugoi picture: The Spanish team as always, prepared something really cool. This time players had to submit their best in-game screenshots. Please note that some pictures have been photoshopped but that was allowed in the rules. Here are the top three:

(click on the thumbnails to see the full image!)


 Turkish Team

Even though the Turkish community team made its debut only a few weeks ago, they managed to organise a few interesting competitions in which players were asked to write poetry and guides as well as draw tanks. The top designs are shown below:


 (click on the thumbnails to see the full image!)


 English Community Spotlight

If you decided to start 2013 with the best New Year’s resolution – to play more World of Tanks - than you should visit our English Regional Contests section!

In this section, each week (sometimes each day!) there are minor competitions, quizzes and questions that will allow you to win gold or bonus codes.

These events don't require as much effort as the major competitions, and allow winners to be quickly verified, selected and rewarded. So don’t wait any longer and see what is planned for today!

Here you can see what has been organised so far and who were the lucky winners. We ran different types of contests: creative and in-game competitions, puzzles and quizzes.

You can see a selection of these below.


Creative: Screenshot contest

In this contest we wanted to see the best screenshot you could give us, of either your tank being destroyed, or you getting the killshot on an enemy tank. The theme changes each week. Last week we rewarded three players: Ekykky , laponac , ignas08

 (click on the thumbnails to see the full image!)



Creative: Spell it Out!

To enter this competition players had to spell out WOT with their tanks and take a screenshot.  Below you can see some great submissions.

 Grinf Roktaal pajkoNP



In-game contests: 'Run for Your Life' and 'Hide and Sneak!'

These competitions are all about staying alive! We choose 15 random players out of the list from the channel to join us in a training room on specific maps. The ones who survive win the prize.

This is simple and very entertaining! In the future “Run for Life” and “Hide and Sneak” will be organised on a regular basis, so don’t forget to check our website for more updates!


This competition is not that simple as you might think. You need to complete the puzzle and post the screenshot as soon as you can. The first completed picture wins the prize!

The latest winner of this contest: Sealman 


If you’d like to receive a notification every time we start a new event, simply select  "Follow this Forum" on the top right corner of the main "Regional Contest" page.


Players Guides

Now for some crucial info for those who want to extend their knowledge about World of Tanks.

If you want to improve your tactics and techniques click here  to read what Tazilon prepared for you.  This guide is a great source of information for all Scouts, Lights and many other tanks!

Looking for a weak spot guide? C_Menz’s guides are all about that!  You will find detailed info for veteran players of Tier V and higher with effective armour and armour values against AP shells listed in great detail.  Also found are numerous replays with commentary, in depth tank guides for specific tanks, map strategy guides showing the best places/firing alleys on maps, and much more!



Have you wondered how you can improve your skills and become a better player?

Are you are sometimes not able to play World of Tanks, but still want your daily fix and to  learn new tactics or strategies? Then visit our players’ video blogs and Livestreams.

Our first focus is on players called “Quickbaby” and “Circonflexes”! Check them out to see when the next livestream is planned!


Fan Art of the Month

Every few weeks we will highlight the best fan art images that have been posted by players.

Here you will find some of the finest masterpieces. So please your eyes with our gallery of gaming themed fan-art.





YouTube Channel of the Month

"Tankville" is a flash animated series, inspired by World of Tanks. RidlakeWorld started a channel for his non-Russian audience. Go check it out!

Tankville - USSR Crew Tankville - German Crew Tankville - British Crew Tankville - French Crew

See you soon for another edition of Community Spotlight!