Replay Contest: Polish Edition

The winners have been decided. Congratulations!

50TP Prototyp

  • Bozoasd [N-AGE]
  • Maras1410 [5TAR5]
  • Booghy_Man

Each of them receives a  VIII 50TP prototyp  and 30 days of Premium Account.


  • magus350
  • PeroJ [RUL3S]
  • LaGrof [O-S-C]
  • CESARZ9 [PDN16]
  • dromor [M1RKO]

Each of them receives a  VI Pudel  and 14 days of Premium Account.


Polish vehicles have been deployed on the battlefield, so now is the perfect time to include them as stars of our revamped Community Replay Contest. Share your best replays featuring Polish tanks for your chance to win one of the amazing prize bundles below!

The Prizes

  • Three 50TP Prototyp bundles including:
  • Five Pudel bundles including:

How can I upload my video?

To show off your best gameplay, just upload your video through the button below with a title containing "WG Replay Stream".

Important: only current version replays (Update 1.1) will be taken into consideration.


The registration is open until 25 September. After this, our community team will go through your replays to find the best of the best. We will consider not only performance but also teamplay and overall entertainment value.

The winners will then be featured live on the official World of Tanks Twitch channel, so be sure to tune in on 26 September at 18:00 CEST (UTC +2) to see if you managed to grab #gudoz in our live giveaways!


Roll Out!