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Community Party

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On Wednesday the entire team took some time off after the first day on the gamescom booth to take part in the Community Party.  This took place at a local club in the centre of Cologne.

300 players from all over Europe had been invited to the party and we made sure that they were comfortable and able to meet in an exciting environment.  The weather was with us that evening, and so most of the group migrated to the luxurious terrace at the back where comfy chairs and refreshing drinks awaited the guests.

By 9 PM the entire place had already filled up and everybody was happily chatting away in all corners.  Players had not only come from all parts of Germany, but also from as far as France, Poland, Spain or even Croatia to attend the event.  Some had even interrupted their summer vacations to join the party whilst others had planned for gamescom well in advance.

The group of players included people of all ages and backgrounds.  They included an 18 year old high-school student and a 52 year old construction worker – all proved to be World of Tanks players who enjoyed the opportunity to meet the crew and exchange wartime stories.  Beginners were soliciting advice from the more experienced players at the party, while the veterans discussed how to make their performance in World of Tanks even better.

From left to right : Sebastian (El_Horro), Felix (deklAEranlage), Dicker Max (PengPengPeng), Nikita (nikitaman17), Simon (Fentes)

Our community team was there to gather as much feedback about the game as possible.  However, they also clearly enjoyed the opportunity to meet some of the people they had been talking to on the forums or within the game.  Now they could put faces to some of the names!  The CEO of Wargaming, Victor Kislyi was there and spent the evening chatting to the fans.  He said:  “These types of events are great because they give us the opportunity to meet the people who make the success of the game possible.”

The weather turned spectacularly wet around midnight, and so the party moved inside, where it continued until early morning hours.  In short, both players and Wargaming employees had a great time.  We’re proud to have such an awesome fanbase and we are already looking forward to the next time when we’ll be able to see all of you guys again.

Thanks for a great evening and see you at gamescom, Commanders!