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World Of Tanks Cobi Line Announced!

World of Tanks and Cobi have teamed up to bring you a whole new range of tanks. There are currently 5 sets which are available on their website, but rest assured there are certainly more to come in the upcoming weeks. So which ones will you construct and proudly take centre-stage on your desk?


So which tanks are available?

You're probably asking which of the array of glorious tanks from World of Tanks will be able to proudly sit atop your desk.

  • The German destroyer (or maybe in this case, deconstructor), the Hetzer
  • The German destructive force that is the Tiger I
  • Made of Soviet Steel, the SU-85 and the KV-2
  • and, last but by no means least, the easy-on-the-eyes Cromwell

To celebrate the new World of Tanks line, you can get 20% off the line until 31 May. Simply use the following code during checkout!

Promo Code: COBI-WOT

You can also see which other tanks are coming soon and let's just say Uncle Sam will be represented!

What do I get in the model kits?

Each set features the tank (deconstructed obviously!), stickers with emblems & inscriptions taken from the game and in-game goods for PC!


Tiger I





Each tank comes with a special bonus for PC: 3 days of Premium Account, a Large Repair Kit and a Food Consumable.

At the moment, the range is only available from the official Cobi online store and they ship within the EU!

Don't forget to use the code COBI-WOT for 20% off!

Which tanks will you proudly construct, Commanders?