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Reinforcements Coming for the World of Tanks Cobi Line!

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As you may recall, a couple of months ago the World of Tanks Cobi line launched, featuring many of your favourite in-game tanks including, but not limited to the Hetzer, Cromwell and KV-2

Well, we're pleased to announce some reinforcements will soon be hitting the Cobi store, in the form of 7 new tanks!

So you're probably wondering what new tanks are arriving:

  • T34/85
  • M18 Hellcat
  • M4 Sherman A1 / Firefly
  • M46 Patton
  • Leopard I
  • Centurion I
  • Matilda II

See, we told you Uncle Sam would be represented!


What do I get in the model kits?

Each set features the tank (not built, obviously!), stickers with emblems & inscriptions taken from the game and in-game goods for World of Tanks on PC!

Centurion I


Leopard I


M46 Patton

M4 Sherman A1 / Firefly



Each tank comes with a special bonus for PC: 3 days of Premium Account, a Large Repair Kit and a Food Consumable.

At the moment, the range is available from the official Cobi online store (they ship within the EU) and in retail stores across Europe!


Which tanks will you proudly construct, Commanders?