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Cobi Nano Tanks Join The Battlefield!

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A new Cobi range featuring six of your favourite tanks is coming – the biggest difference is their size! Don't be fooled: the striking style of these pint-sized brawlers still packs the same punch as their larger counterparts. These are a perfect adornment for your desk or to get the young ones on the way to becoming budding tankistas.


The six mini tanks available are:

  • Protecting the Motherland are the SU-85 and the T-34
  • Hailing from the Fatherland: the Leopard I,the Tiger I and the Panther
  • Serving the United Kingdom: the ever-trusty Cromwell

Below is a selection of these mini tanks, each one of which is made with up to 72 bricks!


Each tank comes with in-game consumables for World of Tanks PC!

This range is available from the official Cobi online store and via selected European retailers


Which of these pint-sized brawlers will you construct, Commanders?