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[Update] Clan Wars Update

A portal maintenance will be taking place on Thursday 22nd November to implement an update to Clan Wars and the Global Map.  The maintenance will begin at 07:00 CET (06:00 GMT) and is expected to last for several hours.


In this update, the following changes are being made to Clan Wars:

  • Conditions changed when performing a landing: As well as having a minimum of 15 chips and no provinces on the Global Map when making a landing, clans must not have any active chips on the Global Map. This change is made to prevent rare situations when clans would land when all of their lands are lost but some chips are still active on enemy territories.
  • For the comfort of players and necessity of defending territory, from now on it is possible to move chips into the landing province you own.
  • Returned the inactivity timer for chips which had been removed.
  • Added a timer to Counter-Espionage operations. You can see the timer by hovering the mouse over a Counter-Espionage agent icon.
  • Field Commanders can now move chips on the Global Map.


We hope that you will enjoy the changes introduced by this update.

Roll out, commanders!