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UPDATE: Clan Wars is returning!

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Following a delay, Clan Wars is now available! The delay was needed to implement the new maps properly.  However, the work has now been completed and it is now possible to play Clan Wars with the new maps!



Clan Wars has been in ceasefire for a few weeks whilst maintenance was carried out and improvements made.  We are pleased to announce that Clan Wars is ready to return!

So clan leaders and members, are you ready to get back into the fray?

Clans Wars will restart on Wednesday 4th July at 03:15 CEST (01:15 GMT).

One effect of the maintenance on Clan Wars is that new maps have been introduced to some of the provinces on the Global Map!

Time is short, so you had better start making your final preparations, planning your new tactics for the new maps and sending out your diplomats to round up your allies!

For those newer clans who are thinking of taking their first steps on the Global Map, our Full Guide to Clan Wars tells you everything you need to know.

Good luck in Clan Wars and may the best clan win!  World domination awaits!