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Clan Wars is ceasing fire for a while

General News
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The fast paced action of Clan Wars is taking a break for a while starting tomorrow June 12th from 01:15 GMT on. At the moment we estimate a shutdown of approximatively three weeks. (Note: Return date may be subject to change).

During this time we’ll stay busy and work on improving the game and in particular this popular mode. Apart from general maintenance works, we’ll also introduce some technical improvements to our data center, to ensure an even greater hardware performance.

Use the cease-fire to plot your strategy, send out your freshly appointed diplomats to strike new alliances in the Clan Diplomacy section of our forum, and prepare your forces for when we come back from our break.

Of course we’ll inform you beforehand of when the Clan Wars will return. So if you stay tuned to the news, you won’t be able to miss it!