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Clan Wars Campaign: Stage III Results


Stage III of the ongoing Clan Wars Campaign turned out to be a rigid one. Many clans decided to continue their defensive play style from the previous stage. Even though the new VP crediting rules made it possible to earn a great amount of points through conquests, losing provinces to a rival would mean parting with an equally large sum of VPs as well. As a result, it is perhaps understandable that so many clans decided to play it cool.

Despite the lack of border expansion during this stage, the clans still had to be vigilant and tend to the internal security of their provinces. Riots were still a viable threat as some of them learned first-hand. During this stage, the clan that pacified the biggest amount of riots was awarded the With Fire and Sword medal. However, since a total of four clans managed to tie for the leading position with four pacified riots each, they will all be awarded with the medal.


Meet the victors of the third stage of the Clan Wars Campaign:

Clan Logo Clan Tag Clan Name Score (VP)

Kazna Kru

 Eye For An Eye  1237000

 [PTS] Pirates

 [1SBP] Pierwszy Sarmacki Batalion Pancerny

Expect No Mercy


Additionally, the following clans will be awarded special medals to commemorate their achievements during Stage III:

Clan Logo Clan Tag Clan Name Medal
 Kazna Kru

Iron Fist






Elite Epic Fail Clan

1PAD eXtraordinary

Eye For An Eye


With Fire and Sword



Please congratulate the winners and stay tuned for more news from the Clan Wars front!


To victory, Commanders!